Membership Committee 

John Nagle - Committee Chair

Rick Schaefer - Committee Chair

Membership Committee is responsible for the Chapter’s membership recruitment and retention efforts.  The committee meets approximately 6 times a year.  Main responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

 ·       Identifying and Recruiting Prospective Members:  The committee identifies prospective members and includes them in our database of potential members.   The committee obtains names and addresses of guests at meetings and contacts them via email and phone call after the meeting or event and welcomes them to future events.  In addition, the committee identifies companies currently not involved in the organization and contacts them through written correspondence or via telephone to inform them of the benefits of CFMA and to welcome them to upcoming events.  This committee coordinates with Chapter Administrator to ensure that membership database is up to date. 

·       Promoting CFMA at events and Answering Inquiries Regarding Membership:  The committee responds to inquiries raised by members and non-members regarding membership benefits. The committee is responsible for bringing and collecting name tags to all CFMA events, and ensuring all name tags have appropriate stickers, such as “Board Member” and “New Member”.  The committee may be required to promote CFMA at local industry events and provide written materials or direct communication regarding its program and benefits. In addition, Membership Committee organizes one Social Event a year and several Roundtable Breakfast Events throughout the year.

·       Integrate New Members Into The Organization:  The committee contacts new members and welcomes them into the organization.  In addition, the committee invites new members to upcoming events and facilitates interaction with other current members.  The committee ensures new members have stickers on their names tags at CFMA events, which makes it easier for other members to identify them and welcome them to CFMA.


Programs Committee

Karen VanDeWostine - Committee Chair

Laura Wilhelmi - Committee Chair

Vicky Diamond - Committee Chair 

Programs Committee is responsible for the development, planning and execution of all Chapter luncheons, and coordinate charity efforts.  The committee meets approximately 6 times per year. The Programs Committee responsibilities are:

o   Working with Chapter Administrator to publicize all chapter Events via email and by posting events and their details to the Chapter website calendar. 

o   Coordinating announcements and speaker introductions.

o   Working with Membership Committee to obtain the exact headcount for each event.

o   Selecting venue and menu, making reservations, coordinating with venue the banquet hall requirements and networking area, ensuring the venue is equipped with projector, microphone, and laptop for presentation. 

o   Confirming speakers prior to the event.

o   Coordinating event agenda and introductions with Chapter President. 

Giving consideration to event sponsorships, if appropriate.